Favorite Movies That Starred Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
by denisbin

Tom Cruise is one of the most accomplished actors that dominate the box office. He has managed to revamp his reputation and career in recent years and became a Hollywood icon. There are a lot of films stared Tom Cruise.

But which films have been his best? The following movies are my favorites starring or featuring Tom Cruise.

One movie that starred Tom Cruise in a different type of role was Collateral. This Michael Mann directed drama depicts Cruise as a villain for one of the few times in his career, and in my opinion, it was one of his better roles.

Jerry Maguire was arguably the greatest role of Tom Cruise’s career. It was probably as close as he will ever get to winning an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and had it been released in a less competitive year, he very well may have won.

One film which I feel deserves to be mentioned is A Few Good Men. One interesting fact about this crime thriller is that writer Aaron Sorkin wrote the whole screenplay on napkins while he was working at a theater as a low level employee. Suffice it to say that this film was his big break.

Another great Tom Cruise film is Vanilla Sky. This movie just makes me happy. In my opinion, it is director Cameron Crowe’s best film to date. Penelope Cruz shines, while Cameron Diaz and Jason Lee deliver great supporting roles.

Of course, one movie that must be mentioned on this list is Rain Main. This is an absolutely incredible film, and Dustin Hoffman delivers the role of his career. It was no surprise that this movie won the Oscar for Best Picture of the Year.

On a more comedic note, Tropic Thunder featured Tom Cruise as a ridiculous movie executive and helped put the iconic actor back in the spotlight after a few off years. Supposedly they are making a spinoff based around the character Les Grossman.

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