The Stratton Story

Stratton StoryThe Stratton Story is a 1949 film directed by Sam Wood which tells the true story of Monty Stratton, a Major League Baseball pitcher who pitched for the Chicago White Sox from 1934-1938. This is the first of three movies that paired stars Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, the others being The Glenn Miller Story and Strategic Air Command. Stratton commented that Mr. Stewart “did a great job of playing me, in a picture which I figure was about as true to life as they could make it”.

The Stratton Story was a financial success and won the Academy Award for best Writing — Motion Picture Story.

I have watched this movie numerous times.  I believe that James Stewart and June Allyson had a certain connection that made any film them were in together worth watching, like as they mentioned Strategic Air Command and The Glenn Miller Story.  If I was asked to tell you which of the three of these moves is my favorite, I would have to flip a coin because I am very fond of all of them.  To watch all three of them in the same day would be a wonderful experience for me.  I hope some of you feel the same way.  If you have not seen The Strattan Story, please give it a try.

Texas farm boy Monty Stratton (Stewart) demonstrates a knack for throwing a baseball. He manages to get a tryout with the Chicago White Sox that is followed by a contract. A teammate introduces him to a young woman named Ethel (Allyson) and soon they are married and raising a family.

In the off-season of 1938, Stratton accidentally shoots himself in his right leg while on a hunting trip. When his leg has to be amputated, it looks as though his pitching career is over. Nevertheless, with a wooden leg and the support of his wife, Stratton is able to make a successful minor league comeback in 1946.

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