Some Examples Of Classic Movies To Watch

Classic Movies
by Clement Soh

Have you ever gone back and watched one of your favorite movies and found that it no longer held the same humor, relevance or enjoyment it once did? Not all movies hold up over time but there are some that are some classic movies that are as good today as the day they were released.

Today we consider these movies classics because the stories they tell are still meaningful. We can still marvel at their originality and the quality of the acting remains.

Fortunately, these movies are still available to be shared with future generations to enjoy. Following are a few classics you may want to watch with your loved ones.

The Little Mermaid. It’s been about 20 years since this movie was released. It is considered a classic for its poignant story and beautiful animation. It’s a wonderful movie that your family is sure to enjoy. They may even want to sing along.

ET. If you haven’t seen this modern-day classic you probably will enjoy taking a look. ET is a heart-warming tale of a boy who finds and befriends an alien. Their adventures are charming and fun. Children will love the adorable alien and identify with the lead character, a boy named Elliot.

Pinocchio. This is a timeless story of the transformative power of love. A wooden puppet comes to life with love and magic. Children enjoy the story of Pinocchio and marvel at the animation. It has moments of excitement that bring the story to life.

Superman. Comic book readers will recognize the movie from the stories they have enjoyed for years. The movie Superman dramatizes the tale of a young orphan boy who discovers that he has special powers like flying and incredible strength. He lives a double life and devotes himself to saving those in trouble.

Bend it Like Beckham. This recent movie is all about the power we hold inside. It shows children that it’s OK to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself. It involves soccer and teaches the value of sportsmanship and athletics.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a great family film, why not pick up one of these movie classics. You will discover they are as charming and enjoyable now as they were the first time you watched them.

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