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The Magic Of Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco with an English, Scottish and Dutch ancestry. He began his career with some B-grade films such as Francis in the Navy, and Revenge of the Creature. The world knows him as an icon, and a living legend who started his career as an actor but later on reached great heights of popularity and sweet success. He appeared for the first time as a star in a feature film called Ambush at Cimmaron Park.
Clint Eastwood
by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo

In 1959, he became a household name with the television series Rawhide. With the release of the film The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, where Eastwood played the role of a hunter, he actually came up with a new image. By this time, people had already started recognizing him as an international star though still with the same tough look.

In the year, 1971, Siegel came up with his production Company, Malpaso...


Top 10 Hollywood Movies to Watch of All Time

Every year thousands of movies in Hollywood are released. So for our movie fans it’s not an easy feat to narrow decades of outstanding Hollywood movies into a single top 10 list. To shorten moviegoers’ time in finding the top-rated ‘s flicks, here we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Hollywood Movies considered the best of all time, 10 exceptional films Hollywood had to offer in 2013 and list of Hollywood upcoming movies to be released in 2014.

Top 10 Classic Movies Hollywood Cannot Remake or Revise

Tips: If you’ve got these top 10 Hollywood movies in DVD form, of course, you can backup these top Hollywood DVD movies with the help of a professional DVD ripper to prevent them from being scratched. Attention shall be paid that you can only copy DVD for your own use under the concept of Fair Use.

Titanic: A 1997 American epic romantic disaster film directed by James Cameron...


Favorite Movies That Starred Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
by denisbin

Tom Cruise is one of the most accomplished actors that dominate the box office. He has managed to revamp his reputation and career in recent years and became a Hollywood icon. There are a lot of films stared Tom Cruise.

But which films have been his best? The following movies are my favorites starring or featuring Tom Cruise.

One movie that starred Tom Cruise in a different type of role was Collateral. This Michael Mann directed drama depicts Cruise as a villain for one of the few times in his career, and in my opinion, it was one of his better roles.

Jerry Maguire was arguably the greatest role of Tom Cruise’s career. It was probably as close as he will ever get to winning an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and had it been released in a less competitive year, he very well may have won.

One film which I feel deserves to be mentioned is A Few Good Men...


Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance? is a 2004 American film that is a remake of the award-winning 1996 Japanese film Shall We Dance.

John Clark is a lawyer with a charming wife, Beverly, and a loving family, who nevertheless feels that something is missing as he makes his way every day through the city. Each evening on his commute home through Chicago, John sees a beautiful woman staring with a lost expression through the window of a dance studio. Haunted by her gaze, John impulsively jumps off the train one night, and signs up for ballroom dancing lessons, hoping to meet her.

Shall We Dance?At first, it seems like a mistake. His teacher turns out to be not Paulina, but the older Miss Mitzi, and John proves to be just as clumsy as his equally clueless classmates Chic and Vern on the dance-floor...


How About Internet Streaming Movies

Internet Streaming Movies
by james_clear

The internet, since its inception in the seventies, has grown at a rate and extent totally unimaginable when first launched. Communication among known individuals and total strangers evolved from being a possibility to a reality as everyone was connected via the internet. It seems we all are drawn to the web as a fly is to Charlotte’s lair.

Internet streaming movies are now common features in your home entertainment experience. In addition to watching the movies, you are constantly bombarded in the conscious and subconscious on what next to see, get and try. All these are made possible as the movie providers analyze your behaviors and patterns via your selections. Hence, it’s become an additional channel to market their goods and services to every individual...


Have Fun Watching Movies On Directv

Movies act as stress busters, it definitely help you to take a jolly ride to the fantasy world, the world that you aspire to live in but unable to do so due limitations of the realistic world. Realistic movies, another genre, are only extension of your true existence in the world of realism. Documentaries, animated series for kids and toddlers also are creating buzz in the market. Whatever your demand may be, Directv is the best Satellite TV provider that quenched your thirst of watching movies with in the comfy zone of your living room.

For complete movie entertainment, the call of the time is to subscribe to the premium movie channels. Take a glance at the following Directv channels that are dedicated for airing movies of all genres.


Directv offers you the exclusive pleasure of viewing your popular films in HBO. It is the most famous premium movie package...


Upcoming Movie – Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole, starring Aaron Eckhart and Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, had its North American distribution rights acquired by Lionsgate recently. Upcoming movie, Rabbit Hole, is directed by John Cameron Mitchell, known for “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” New Movie Release, Rabbit Hole, made its premiere at The Toronto Movie Festival a few days ago on September 13.

This box office movie is the first release of Nicole Kidman’s company, Blossom Films. Lionsgate is hoping for a winter 2010 movie release.

David Lindsay- Abaire adapted “Rabbit Hole” from his own Pulitzer Prize winning and Tony winning play, “Rabbit Hole“. It’s produced by Leslie Urdang and Dean Vanech, both of Olympus Pictures. Nicole Kidman and Per Saari produced it for Blossom Films. Gigi Pritzker is the producer for Odd Lot Entertainment. The announcement of the acquisition of this film on the New Movie...


Patrick Swayze Movies

Patrick Swayze
by gsz

Many Hollywood actors are forever associated with an iconic role and Dirty Dancing is usually discussed with reference to Patrick Swayze movies. The Texan born actor studied classical ballet, an experience that was to help him in his later career. His film debut was in 1979 when he was cast as Ace in Skatetown, USA. He received a lot of attention for his part in the Francis Ford Coppola movie, The Outsiders, in 1983. The movie used an ensemble cast, a few of whom came to be known as The Brat Pack. Swayze’s co-stars were Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise.

The Outsiders had put Swayze in good company but his big breakthrough came in 1987 when Dirty Dancing was released. This Patrick Swayze movie was more than a box office smash; it became part of popular culture and fans still try to recreate the dance floor moves today...


The Home Of Movies – Universal Studios

 Universal Studio
by brentbat

Universal studio was founded by Carl Laemmle, a German Jewish and is the second oldest studio in Hollywood. He realized the potential of the moving pictures and the success of Universal Studio has proved him right.

Hollywood has been credited with many successful and memorable movies over the years. The movie industry began in the early 1900s and as of now, there are many famous studios involved in the production of movies and their brand names and logos have become familiar among people.

Of these studios, Universal studio is credited with some of the biggest hits that Hollywood has seen. It goes to the credit of Universal studio that they have been successfully able to tide over the hard times that the movie industry had to face from time to time...


Dreambox – Set Top Box

by classic_film

This unique feature device produced by the German manufacturer is the ever famous DTH Set-top-box or mostly called as the Dreambox. In order to fulfill the increasing demands of its customers, Dream Multimedia launched a number of Linux powered DVB terrestrial, satellite and set-top box. In the year 2007, Dream Multimedia also introduced the non-Linux based dreambox receiver the DM100.

It is available in a number of different models in the market like 500HD, 600, 7020, 800HD, 8000, 100. Here, the suffix S stands for Satellite whereas T for Terrestrial and C for Cable.

Among all the different models, dreambox 500s was the world’s smallest DTH which was launched during 2005. Now it is considered as one of the most popular models by Dream Multimedia. Compilation of data has become very easy because of its open source software...


Preparing For An Office Move

An office move can often be more stressful and time-consuming as a residential move. Down time means profits lost for any business. Therefore, it is critical to enlist the services of professional office movers in Houston to ensure your office move is as quick, fluid and complete as possible.

To make office relocation less stressful and more organized, follow this list of procedures below before the moving day. With the help of these moving tips, your office relocation takes up much less time and allows you to quickly get back in the business of business.

1.Nationwide Movers, a Houston moving service, suggest emptying all desk tops and drawers to prevent loss and damage to both the contents and the desk...


Upcoming Tollywood movies and their release dates

Upcoming Tollywood movies
by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

The Dussehra season at box office is over. Many films wanted to release on this season but only few did. Postponing of films is became very common. There will be many reasons to postpone the movies but postpone because of graphic is become very popular. But this time many films pre-poned to make their release on festival day because of postpone of movie Akhil directed by VV Vinayak which is a socio fantasy thriller. According to sources it will release on November 6th and many other films are on their way to entertain and thrill audience and to be a hit at box office. Let us check at upcoming Tollywood movies and their release dates who are aiming audience in the name of Diwali and Christmas.

30th October will be the release date for 3 upcoming Tollywood movies and they are kalyanram Sher directed by Mallikarjun Produced by a new prod...


Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is a 1995 American docudrama space adventure film directed by Ron Howard. It stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris. The screenplay by William Broyles, Jr., and Al Reinert, that dramatizes the aborted 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission, is an adaptation of the book Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 by astronaut Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger.

Apollo 13

Astronaut Jim Lovell hosts a house party where guests watch Neil Armstrong’s televised first human steps on the Moon. Afterwards Lovell, who had orbited the Moon on Apollo 8, tells his wife Marilyn that he intends to return to the Moon to walk on its surface.

Three months later, as Lovell conducts a VIP tour of NASA’s Vertical Assembly Building, his boss Deke Slayton informs him that his crew will fly Apollo 13 instead of 14. Lovell, Ken Mattingly, and Fred Haise train for their new mission...


A Beginners Guide to Watching Movies Online

Beginners Guide
by Sasja Milenkovic

Are you a movie buff? Do you love watching movies? Here is a beginners guide on how you can do so while at home. The computers and internet has really revolutionized our lives, it is now very easy to watch the latest releases online. There are various benefits of watching movies online when compared to visiting a cinema hall or shelling out money on the local DVD rental store.

You can watch the latest releases online, at the comfort of your house and you would not have to shell out money for the tickets at the theater. Next there are DVD rental stores that charge $ 10 per night for a DVD. Do you want to spend that much amount when you can watch the same movie for free on the web. If you are watching movies from your cable or satellite connection, you will be required to shell out extra money for watching those movies on the “specialty” channels...


Load Fresh Movies, Music, Games on Ipod

Western Movies
by ChALLeN12

Technology is always busy at work, striving to find more ways in which individuals and families can have more ways to enjoy themselves with entertainment that is available to them. Ipods are the most recent sensations amongst youngsters. No wonder if you own an iPod you will definitely be looking for movies as there is also a huge disk space available with latest models and you can store 9/10 movies easily along with your favorite collection of songs.

Just look at how far the ability of watching movies has gone, you can very easily download movies to your ipod. Remember back in the day when the only movie’s that people were able to watch were only available to them in black and white viewing?

As time went on, technology slowly introduced to the world, movies that were available in color...


Downloading Entire Classic Movies At No Cost

Exactly who would love to get entire classic movies at no cost? This is an easy question to respond to. Many people are searching online on a regular basis to download absolutely free films. Even though this is feasible, the search could be a big letdown as there are stumbling blocks and       hazards in doing this at the wrong web sites. This information will provide you with what happens behind the scenes of some free download web sites and where you can find better alternatives to download DVD films.

EntireClassic Movies
by chris.chabot

You will find nowadays numerous peer to see file discussing P2P systems that let you obtain full Dvd and blu-ray movies free of charge. However, you might encounter some difficulties if you download from some of these websites. There are other issues that are not so obvious.

Some free download web-sites tend to be a lot less than fantastic peer to peer networks whi...


The Convenience Of Movies Free Straight From Your Personal Computer

Classic Movies
by Clement Soh

Do you often feel like watching a favorite movie classic but have not had the time to buy it for your DVD collection? Maybe you feel like watching a good movie but it may be too late to get to a movie rental store. There is a solution to your dilemma.  Enjoy the convenience of movies free straight from your personal computer.  How? Well, there are a variety of online sites that allow you to download movies straight from the internet for your viewing pleasure.

These sites offer more than the ability to watch movies for free, but you can also watch TV shows and join a social network. This network allows you to connect with people of similar interests in order to share ideas or debate them! If this is not enough, you will find the biographies of actors, movie news and trailers...


Watch Latest Movie Trailers

Box Office Movies
by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Before you spend your hard earned money purchasing a movie ticket, it’s always best to ensure that movie will be worth your time. One of the best ways of getting a fair idea whether or not you will like a particular movie is to watch movie trailers.

Convenient Websites

The internet has made it very convenient for movie lovers to get the latest movie news and watch movie trailers of upcoming movies, from the comfort of your home. If you have a passion for films isn’t it convenient if you can find all the information you need from the star cast to the plot line in one comprehensive website? This will make it so much easier to select the movies you wish to see based on various movies review.

If you are a fan of films and love a particular actor or actress you can download movie posters from the special websites, get the latest Hollywood ...


View the Best Movies

Classic Movies

The best movies in the world are usually accredited with cinematic appreciation awards. These awards include the Grammy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, Oscars and many more. The measurement of success is divided into several distinctive categories.

Some of the nominations for categories are the greatest scene, writer, actor, movie, director, screen play and even costume. The more awards a film wins the better chances of the film to be touted one of the best movies of all times.

Classic movies are considered great cinematic pieces as well. Several Old Hollywood films are unbeatable and will remain timeless for its elegance in the formative years of the cinema. For instance, the motion pictures which made superstars such as James Dean and Marlon Brando the stature of Hall of Famers in the hearts of million are described as unsurpassed in cinematic excellence.

“Rebel without ...


The Importance Of Music In The Movies

The Importance Of Music In The Movies
by wallyg

What is the importance of music when making a movie. If of you take music away from movies, even in award-winning ones, you will end up with a dull movie that lacks something. This is why having the right music for different parts of a movie are essential. So, what makes music so important to be incorporated in movies, here are the reasons why.

It aids in expressing certain emotions or atmosphere within the movie.

Motion films started without the sound of voice. Actors would convey their emotions through their faces and action, though there were dialogue cards present. During this time, having a music score incorporated in the movie was very important as it also helps portray the emotion of the scene. If the character needs to portray a sad feeling, accompanying the scene with a sad music can make the audience feel the emotion being portrayed, even without words.

In modern-day...